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While typically accurate, it’s important to remember that drug tests can only work within the period in which the drug can be detected. A detection period is the amount of time a specific substance stays in your body. We have a great article on using someone else’s urine for a urine drug test. Detection periods will vary for every person, as these windows change based on age, weight, drug class, your metabolic rate, and even your urine pH; although there are some general guidelines you can follow to know how accurate these tests can be. For example, amphetamines have a detection period of one to three days when it comes to a urine test; however, the detection period for a hair sample is closer to 90 days.

When it comes to knowing what tests are being conducted in the workforce, a company known as HireRight, Inc., has collected a variety of information to let you know what drug test you’ll most likely find in the workforce. In the 2014 survey, the majority reported that their workplace tested for drugs, with larger organizations — meaning companies with over 4000 employees — testing more often than smaller ones. Of those test, the majority of the tests were urine tests. 95% of organizations used urine tests, while breathalyzers made up 23%, hair tests were used by 9%, and blood testing was only completed by 6% of the companies polled.

How Accurate Are Tests

Despite drug tests growing in popularity, these tests are not as accurate as suppliers would have you believe. Specifically with home tests, the statistics regarding false results is enough to make anyone second guess the results. Studies have proven drug tests to produce false positives up to 10% of the time. False negatives, on the other hand, make up about 15% of results. For Seinfeld fans, it will come as no surprise that eating even a teaspoon of poppy seeds can skew your results. Poppy seeds have been shown to produce false-positive results for up to three days; however, studies have shown that only 50% of doctors are aware of the problem.

There’s also a big difference between a lab-controlled test and a home test from a drug store. While simple tricks like watering down your urine sample may work with a drug store test, they’re less likely to work on lab tests. It’s important to remember that lab urine tests will also be careful when testing the temperature of your sample, something that can be altered when diluted. Lad technicians will also be trained to look for common adulteration tactics, whereas the typical tester will not. Since the accuracy of the test also depends on the one giving the test, it’s fair to point out that the margin of error for the typical home-use test is far greater than their lab counterparts.

Types of Drug Testing

With technology constantly expanding, the drug test industry is booming. After legislation was passed in the Raegan era, companies offering home drug tests as well as laboratory tests have been popping up left, right, and center. Whether you’re being tested by an employer or a recruitment center, there are a variety of types of drug testing you may be subjected to. For those expecting to take a drug test in the future, the best way to be prepared is to take the time to understand what each test looks like and how popular they are.

l Urine Tests: These tests are the most popular to date, mostly because samples can be collected on-site regardless of location. Because these are most commonly used in federal cases — such as court cases — these tests are often seen as the gold standard for drug testing; however, they aren’t the most reliable. Most of the time, this specific type of test can be cheated by finding out where to buy fake pee online to test negative. Depart of Defense has challenged the reliability of these tests when testing for cocaine. These tests are most accurate when testing for drugs within a few days of consumption, although these.

– Blood Tests: These tests are slightly less common as they can only be administered by professionals. For blood tests, your blood will be drawn through a needle inserted in a vein. For the most part, these tests are used because they’re slightly better at determining the level of a substance in the body. It’s important to remember that blood tests can also test for adulterants. In other words, if you’re trying to cheat a blood test, it can work against you to take a detox drink.

– Breath Tests: These are most commonly known as a breathalyzer and is the most popular way of checking for alcohol in the body. These tests are small, often portable, devices that are designed to measure your blood alcohol concentration. They work to test whether you’re currently under the influence of alcohol. For example, it’s been shown that radio frequency, improper calibration of the breathalyzer, and even leftover alcohol in the test-takers mouth can cause a false positive.

– Hair Follicle Tests: This type of testing is commonly used in the court system. While some companies claim that tests completed with body hair may date drug use for 360 days prior, there is no conclusive study to back up this claim. In general, about an inch of hair will be taken from your head and tested, and most tests can accurately measure drug use over the past 90 days. One of the overall complaints about hair follicle tests is that they can’t be used on those with short or no hair. To complete a hair follicle test, you’ll need to have a hair sample of about an inch, which may be difficult for some.

– Other: Although much less common, there are other tests available on the market. These include tests for sweat as well as saliva. While oral fluid testing is significantly less popular than something like urine analysis, it’s also much harder to cheat, resulting in more accurate results for the party that ordered the test.

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